Seasons on the River

Many people might envision living on a river that is ice free all during the year, but many more people live in areas where the cold sets in and takes up residents for months at a time. They might see a home by the river as a waste of money because it will be idle during that time, but it can still be enjoyed during the cold months. There are many different ways to enjoy the seasons on the river for those who are determined to spend as much time as possible away from city life.

Ice fishing is one of the main attractions in any cold water area, but ice skating in small coves can also be part of the fun. For those who prefer to remain warm, enjoying the beauty of a snowfall through the windows can be a peaceful way to relax. Warmer weather will bring out boats and rafts, but even the times between hot and cold weather have their own charms. Watching the local wildlife as it copes with the turning of the seasons is just one more way to enjoy a home on the river.