A Home on the River

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Whenever people imagine living by a beautiful flowing river, they tend to imagine how much enjoyment they would get out of living there. Some of them will see a dock and boat, but others will imagine a quiet day of fishing for their dinner. Those who have children might be able to see their children playing in the water, and retirees might see a riverside picnic with their children and grandchildren. All of them would be thinking of the positives that come with a home by the river, but there are downsides.

Living next to a river can be a dangerous place when winter turns to spring, and flooding can be an issue. For those who seem to attract mosquitoes wherever they go, a riverside home could be their downfall. Cautious parents might be concerned about water safety, and even boat owners worry about accidents. There are many positives to living near a river, so it should not be considered a bad investment.